*Single, Silent Symphony – Joseph Clarke

When I told Joseph that his piece reminded me of my first encounter with Tavener’s Funeral Canticle, he enthusiastically replied: “I refer friends to Tavener for just that reason! It’s the feeling of this single, silent symphony distilled…the Canticle and the Ikos are always my examples, Brian!”

He urged me to share this song with the Vita Brevis community. I’ve attached John Tavener’s Funeral Canticle, in full, below. Consider playing it as you read this piece and study Winslow Homer’s painting, Song of the Lark:


Submitted by Joseph Clarke

I felt the world, and I heard it too
All it’s lost and gained and birthed anew
In the simple sound of a horned lark’s song
From across the field and through the dawn.

A symphony so grand in scale
Needs but one note to unveil.

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