Farewell to my Homeland – A Poem by Goff James


Submitted by Goff James

So many tears I
Weep beneath the howling thrum of
Hissing warplanes overhead whilst
Bombs in torrents fall as rain
Exposing Hell on Earth
I cry
I cry
I cry
The pain the suffering
The loss the scars
The blood
That outward freely flows
No time for
Sweet goodbyes amid
The naked terror of
Night’s frightening fury
As the earth explodes
Scared I race to hide
I cry
I cry
I cry
So many tears I shed
Haunted by my fears
Recalling memories of
What had been
Living what is now
I cry
I cry
I cry
Flee flee a distant
Voice calls out
Across the fractured plain
Where to now I yell
So many hasty last farewells
So many horrors seen
As I in the darkness run
I cry
I cry
I cry
Lost in horror’s screams

About the Poet

Goff James lives in Wales. His interests are gardening, painting, photography, reading, travel and writing. His poetry reflects whatever seems to catch his eye or falls on his ear at any one particular moment in time.

Painting: Alfred Bastien – [Further Left panel from] Panorama de l’Yser

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