More Approachable Poetry Magazines

See the whole index here.

Seeing that most mainstream publications have a (much) lower acceptance rate than Ivy League colleges, I’ve been compiling an index of approachable poetry magazines to give emerging poets a chance at getting their work out in the world.

Every week, Vita Brevis adds more entries to the ever-growing index of approachable poetry magazines. You should check it out — It’s well worth a bookmark! If you enjoy these posts, you might enjoy some articles I’ve written, too.

*UPDATE: I’ve added some helpful notes on almost every publication on the index such as “WordPress Powerhouse”, “Post-Modern”, “Traditional”, “Pays Poets”, “Niche” etc. This should help you navigate the growing list!

Here’s what I found this week:

A List of Approachable Poetry Magazines:


Acceptance Rate: 50-60%
+ Professional
Character (published on each solstice and equinox)
Guidelines: Click Here

Down in the Dirt

Acceptance Rate: 70%
+ For those with no filter
Guidelines: Click Here

Eskimo Pie

Acceptance Rate: 80-90%
– Very Bloggy
Guidelines: Click Here

Poem Hunter

Acceptance Rate: 100%
– Not a “publication” but a website that allows you to submit your poetry into their index. There seems to be a fairly active community there. Worth a look!
– More of a community and forum than a “publication”, but exposure is exposure
Guidelines: Click Here


Find MANY more publications here

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