End of the Road – A Poem by Walt Page

Vita Brevis Poetry Magazine Submit Poem

Submitted by Walt Page — The Tennessee Poet

When there’s nothing left to say
You won’t find it here
Come the dawn the damage is done
And nothing is the same
The dark of you
On your darkest days
Holds no power over me
I am sick of it all
But stronger than death
Time waits for no one
So it’s the end of a good thing
My pictures of home
Are only broken pieces
The kings of the sea
Are sitting up drinking
While the Devil’s lullaby
Carries them on their highway to the sun
I now feel nothing
I’m open to all
All my tears have been cried
On this loneliest road
The devil with angel eyes
Is drowning with me
My escape has been perfect
From everything good

About the Poet

Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet, is a romantic old rock drummer, musician, USAF veteran and an open heart surgery survivor. He has been published on Vita Brevis, Visual Verse and Slasher Monster Magazine. Walt lives in the Tennessee country with his wife Susan, 2 horses and 9 rescue dogs.

Painting: The Lake and Town of Brienz – JMW Turner


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