List of Poetry Journals with High Acceptance Rates

See the whole index here.

It’s tough out there, I know! But Vita Brevis is here to help. Here’s a quick list of poetry publications with high acceptance rates. We publish lists like this weekly to build up our publication index, a very helpful resource for emerging poets. (Seriously worth bookmarking)

This is what I found this week:

List of Accepting Poetry Journals:

Quail Bell

Acceptance Rate: 20-30%
Guidelines: Click Here

Leaves of Ink

Acceptance Rate: 20-30%
Guidelines: Click Here

The Drabble

Acceptance Rate: 40-50%
Guidelines: Click Here

Page & Spine

Acceptance Rate: 10-20%
Compensate Poets
Guidelines: Click Here


You can find MANY more here

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      1. Wow! Money is always a bonus. I’ve just got to put my big girl pants on and send in some of my work (I have a half written email made out to you as I write this…) 😁

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