Thank You! The Vita Brevis Community Never Ceases to Amaze Me

I normally don’t write update posts like this, but these aren’t normal circumstances.

Vita Brevis Poetry Magazine Submit PoemIn Vita Brevis‘ short lifespan (it hasn’t even been a year since I started this magazine), we’ve been lucky enough to amass a supportive, caring, and thoughtful community of hundreds of poets.

We’ve evolved from an empty webpage to a popular literary magazine listed on a multiple publication indexes. We’ve been lucky enough to be the first magazine to publish some incredible talents. And we’ve brought in tens of thousands of visitors to read the work of our poets.

Even more stunning, in the past few months alone, the Vita Brevis community has donated hundreds of dollars to our Ko-Fi account, bringing us much closer to our current goal: to give Vita Brevis a much-needed upgrade. I’m moved that you find this little magazine worthy of your time and money.

In an attempt to give back, I’ll be publishing more poems every week, and I’ll be researching and writing weekly “Poet Resources” for our journal indexes and tips articles.

Not only are we using these donations to renew our domain for another year, but we’re hoping to upgrade our plan to allow for search engine optimization and other features. This will bring Vita Brevis to a much larger stage, and it will give us the ability to give our poet’s more exposure.

I can’t thank you all enough. I’m honored to be your editor, but I’m truly moved to be your friend. So many of you have expressed to me how thankful you are for Vita Brevis–I simply can’t put into words how powerful that is. You made it possible!

Here’s to a wonderful beginning, and to an even brighter future!


Best regards to you all,
Brian, Editor of Vita Brevis



13 thoughts

  1. Dear Brian, thank you
    The Vita Brevis Magazine is a wonderful platform for aspiring writers to have their works published in and viewed by a
    very large and appreciative audience. Personally I can’t thank you enough for your generous support of my poems. I’m grateful, honoured and very proud to my words published in your outstanding magazine
    Yours In Writing
    Ivor Steven

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  2. Vita Brevis has been the support for the published and the upcoming writers equally since the days of its inception.
    Brian, I’m personally thankful for all the support and the enoucargemetnI have received from you. Wishing you and your magazine a lot of success in the literary world.

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  3. It is we who thank you Brian! You have given us exposure, support, encouragement and most importantly, your friendship. You have made Vita Brevis a world class poetry journal and it is can honor to be a small part of this. We thank you for all you have done and offer our sincere congratulations!


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