So Close to Home – A Poem by Paul Bluestein


Submitted by Paul Bluestein

I set out on an ocean
of my own uncertainties.
Carried on the changing tides
I sailed just where I pleased.
I’ve felt the gentle southern breeze
and weathered northern storms.
My face got lined from searching
and my hands and heart got worn.

Packing all of my tomorrows
I left my home along the coast,
searching for the things
that I thought I wanted most.
My sails were filled with winds of change;
I sailed out by the stars;
kept my eyes on the horizon,
which always seemed so far.

It’s been a long, long journey
while I sat tending the flame.
It gave me time to wonder what’s been lost
and what’s been gained.
After years of watchful waiting,
trying to understand
It’s finally time to rest a while
here, in sight of land.

After all these years of wandering
weary to the bone,
it seems so strange, so late in life,
to be so close to home.

About the Poet

Paul Bluestein has written poetry for years, but has only recently begun to submit his work.  He is a physician by profession (retired … or just plain tired), a self-taught musician (guitar/piano) and a dedicated Scrabble player (yes, ZAX is a word).  He writes poetry when The Muse calls him unexpectedly and rings insistently until he answers, even if he doesn’t want to talk to her just then. Nonetheless, he finds it exhilarating to be a new arrival to the world of poetry, a Stranger in a Strange Land.

Photo Credit: Martin Johnson Heade – Sailing off the Coast

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