Comment-a-Haiku Poetry Competition! – Submit Your Poem



We’ve announced the results for this past contest–give our winner a round of applause here!

Vita Brevis is hosting a four-day haiku competition–taking place entirely in the comment section of this post!

Here’s What You Need to Know:

How to Submit:

1. Submit one nature-themed 5-7-5 haiku as a comment on this post

2. Reblog this post on your blog or write a post announcing that you’ve entered it

3. (Optional) Give good feedback on other commenters’ work!

Theme: Nature

Reward: We’ll publish the winning poet, featuring their haiku on the front page of our online magazine with a link to their blog.

When: Starting right now (08/10), ending Monday night (08/13)

Questions: Use our Contact Us page–I’ll get back to you soon!

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563 thoughts

  1. Just like a flower;
It grows, it wilts and it blooms
I am a flower

    *This poem is also posted on my blog! Simple but sweet 😊 I love reading everyone’s haikus. So much talents this world has! 👌🏽

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  2. What a wonderful activity for Sunday night. I really soaked in these haikus and the community reflecting upon them. With the hope for all living things being cherished, here is my entry. Thanks Vita Brevis.

    a revolving home
    with contrast of lives who wake
    under the same sky

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  3. Reblogged on Avant Garde Haiku. 🐦

    Here’s my entry for the contest, in memory of my country’s disappearing forests and wildlife:

    Pockets of jungle
    Hanging by gossamer threads
    A magpie’s lament.

    Liked by 10 people

    1. Thank you…I have a blog but denmaniacs4 links to an old housing land blog I was once involved with. Enough about me…


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