Portait of Dirck van Os

Dirck van Os

Submitted by John Hicks

Portrait of Dirck van Os
Rembrandt van Rijn, ca. 1658, Oil on Canvas
Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska

Patrician eyes, says the brochure.
I see introspective; reserved.
The right, dominant,

does not want to be here.
The left, canny, balancing
judgement. The clothes and

staff are of a man listening
to supplicants; a man who’s
filial duty keeps him here.

Your father, the merchant captain
built this town from his fortune.
Made you mayor. Others

were at sea, trading in the Indies,
seeking a new sea route to China,
exploring the New World.

You are here, posing
for Master Rembrandt.
You will always be here.

Photo Credit: Rembrandt – Portrait of Dirck van Os

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