Submitted by Dorinda Duclos.


Soft is the twilight that lingers so calm

Reflections of beauty, becoming my balm

I breathe in, relax, reenergize my thoughts

Into the night, I can forever be lost

For this is the time, my time, to renew

And these are the visions I bring into view

Waters that flow, without causing a wake

The sky looking down, as one with the lake

Pastel, the colors that soften the day

This is the place my soul longs to stay

Photo credit: Caspar David Friedrich – Twilight at Seaside

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  1. Reblogged this on Night Owl Poetry – Dorinda Duclos and commented:
    I am honored to have my poem, β€œRenew” published on Vita Brevis. My sincere thanks to Brian Geiger, editor, for choosing to include my work, thus sharing with the Vita Brevis community.

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