A Touch of Summer


Submitted by Goff James.

Today I strolled
Along the city boulevard
Beneath the shining sun
Stitched in the spotless sky
Swept clean by Summer’s
Gentle fragrant breeze where
I met the world upon their feet
Stroll at ease along
The tree lined sidewalks
Hemmed with crumbling mansions
Secret shadowed gardens
And ornate spired churches

With the passing of the hours
Exhausted by such exertions
My thoughts a roving sought
A resting place to
Ease my hunger and my thirst
An oasis of blissful calm
A cafe-bar come patisserie
Hid out of sight and sound
Old fashioned decked
Sited at the corner of
A cobbled street
Caught my vagrant eyes

In the dappled shade
Of overhanging canopy where
Chairs and tables met the street
And smart attentive waiters
Hazed in morning smiles
Darted to and fro
Smothered in the
Flesh filled whispers
Shared by secret lovers
The latest social scandals
Of flush faced gaudy ladies
Recalled over morning cocktails

Behind the monied talk
Of successful business men
Clouded behind the thick
Smog of their finest Cuban cigars
Each toxic inhalation
Drowned in Triomphe Cognac
I sat partaking of a buttered
Chocolate croissant and a
Coffee regulare laced
With one shot of Irish Malt
And watched at leisure
The world go slowly drifting by

Photo credit: Childe Hassam – At the Café

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