Our Own Flanders Fields


Submitted by Gary Glauber

Even though forecast calls for rain,
another stalled tropical depression,
humble parade continues unabated
as ominous clouds loom gray to the west.

Little girls wearing daisy & brownie smocks
march beside bicyclists decked out in flag colors,
& then community’s staunch veterans
amble forward behind color guard,
uniforms that denote long ago campaigns,
units in service, camouflage, & camaraderie.
Firemen in shiny trucks & boy scouts
complete local ragtag procession.

After following circuitous maze of blocked off roads,
short pageant concludes at village green,
where reverend opens with convocation,
first two verses of “America the Beautiful.”
Soon hired band plays somber bugled “Taps,”
& all join in singing national anthem.

Town supervisor addresses fallen heroes,
& homegrown veteran recants distant memory
for all to reflect upon. This is small-town pride,
tributes to those who never made it out of uniform,
heritage of familiar tradition preserved & celebrated,
unassuming community recognizing
freedoms fought for & maintained
to make this annual event possible.

Photo Credit Frederick Hassam – The Avenue in the Rain

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