Gravitational Waves–Again


Submitted by Merril D. Smith

two stars danced
collapsing into one another
creating ripples,
waves tumbling through space,
bending time. . .

in a folded origami universe,
they reach us,
echoes of the past gently rocking our world,
ghostly whispers and secret sighs
speak of a former life unknown– yet somehow familiar–
calling out. . .
traces of stardust
recalling what once was and now is

Photo Credit: An Old Star Map

9 thoughts

  1. Speaking of “bending time…” over a year after the first reading, and I like this poem even more. As exciting as when I was a kid and first pointed my six-inch reflector at Messier 1, the Crab Nebula in Taurus, before it was even known that a “pulsar” (the word was yet to be invented) lurked. Thanks kindly for posting!

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