Rainy Day Charm – A Poem by Ann Christine Tabaka


Submitted by Ann Christine Tabaka

A rainy day falls from the sky.
Bare feet splash in puddles.
Cloud filtered light imparts a
dreamy glow. The feeling of
motionless time invades reality.

Inside stillness,
listening to the sounds soft rain
makes. Melodic trickling transfixes
the mind. A lazy yawn emanates,
permeating the silence.

Outside, small rivulets form,
carrying dried-leaf boats out
to swirling miniature seas.
Teasing the imagination,
stories unfold.

Bright azure patches peek
through an overcast sky, wishing
for a rainbow. Rainy day charm wanes
as the day lapses into evening, and a
soggy world closes its eyes once more.

Photo Credit: Kristan Baggaley – Clearing Spring Shower Over Kinder Scout

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