William Trost Richards - Leverington Cemetery

The Day After Her Funeral

Submitted by Jerry Brotherton

We emptied her room today
Faded photos of a mother
Holding children whose faces
That we can barely recall

We emptied her closet today
Clothes from summers and winters
Too long ago to remember
Now just charity donations

We emptied her life today
Forgotten pieces and fragments
Tucked neatly into drawers
Given to her by…who knows

We cried for her today
Heads on shoulders
Arms holding each other
In fear we will not remember

We promised to save her love today
Tucked it deep into our hearts
Where the tears could not find it
To wash it away

 We said goodbye to her today.

We said goodbye to her today.


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Photo Credit: William Trost Richards – Leverington Cemetery


Published by

The Vita Brevis Team

“Ars longa, vita brevis" (art is long, life is short). This maxim so moved us that it seemed only right to title our online poetry magazine after it. It may seem curious that we chose Vita Brevis (life is short) as our title instead of Ars Longa (art is long). But this choice was more than appropriate; after all, the aim of our journal is to publish work that shows a keen awareness of not only art’s beauty and immortality but life’s toils and finiteness. We want to revive and nourish the rich existential literature that forms when art and the human endeavor collide.

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