Arctic Winds


Submitted by Ivor Steven

I’m winter hibernating,
Inside an Eskimo’s hut.
Feeding only on fish oil,
And frozen blue blood.
My heart’s cold and dormant,
Cowering under a dampened vestment.
Pumping only yesteryears rust,
And icicles of my dust.
My eyes are swollen rocks,
Amidst polarized sockets.
Terrorizing all that’s passed,
Like forgotten arctic icebergs.
My veins are hollow crevasses,
Inside a glaciers ice-flow.
Sheering and groaning chasms,
Like my memories deepest fjord.

Photo Credit: An Arctic Landscape At Dusk – Herman Herzog

11 thoughts

  1. Reblogged this on Ivor.Plumber/Poet and commented:
    A big thank you to Vita Brevis Magazine for selecting and publishing my poem “Arctic Winds”. I am truly honoured to be represented in this wonderful Magazine for poets, and to all my readers/followers, I sincerely recommend that you visit/follow the Vita Brevis site,

  2. Thank you to the Vita Brevis Magazine for publishing my cold and chilling poem, “Arctic Winds”, written during our Southern Hemisphere’s winter last August, as we were experience an extremely cold season in Geelong, and now ironically like you of the Northern Hemisphere are suffering at the moment…..And the featured picture, the painting by Herman Herzog, An Arctic Landscape At Dusk, is truly spectacular.

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