Week Five in Review: Statistics, Contests, Submissions, and More!

Another great week on WordPress! We never thought the WordPress community would be so responsive and supportive of our dream to start up a poetry magazine–every person and website we went to said it was a fruitless and laborious idea. Thanks for making it happen–we’re more than grateful!
So, let’s review this week–we’ll start with some traffic statistic, talk about this week’s submissions, and then talk about our competitions!Capture


We reached 3,300 views this week (996 visitors), compared to last week’s 2,700 views (770 visitors)–that’s a nice and healthy 600-view growth, beating our weekly average; we’ve reached 860 likes collectively, compared to last week’s 720–that’s 140 likes on this week’s poems, quite above average; we’ve pulled in 180 comments collectively, compared to last week’s 150 (including our replies)–that makes 30 this week, so it’s a bit below average; and we’ve reached 184 followers, compared to last week’s 174! Not bad–we welcome our ten new guests!


We received about 30 submissions this week, not counting the Holiday Competition submitters! Of those, seven were accepted (some were published this past week, others will be in the weeks to come). Remember, if your piece was rejected, we only rejected your submission not you, so keep trying! Vita Brevis will be a hard magazine to get into, but that only adds to the merit of getting that acceptance email and to the quality of the overall magazine!

This week:

Ali Grimshaw sent us her Weather Forecast

Ann Neilson sent us her On Thomas Doughty’s Landscape with Curving River

Liz Mackenzie sent in If

Ronald E. Shields sent us The Owatonna Library

Nicholas Catron sent in Reflecting Atlas

And stay tuned for some great posts coming up next week!

And many others sent us submissions to our Holiday Competition, the result of which we will cover below


The results are in for our Holiday poetry competition! Make sure to congratulate our first-, second-, and third-place winners and read their poems here!

And we have big news for our next competition: due to an influx of donations, we have a $15 reward for first-place! We’re excited to have the ability to pay you for your work in a world that seldom does, and we hope this competition drives traffic to our site, thus our submitters’ work! Here’s more information on it.

Thank you to all of our donators–you keep the future of Vita Brevis and its poets bright!

If you have been enjoying the site, consider “buying us a coffee” (donating $3 to the magazine via Ko-fi) so we can  host paid competitions, buy our own domain and upgrade our blog plan for more creative freedom, host a writing contest every month with a cash prize, and one day pay our general submitters for their work! You can contribute here.

That does it for this week! Thanks for stopping by everyone.

As always, if you have any recommendations, critiques, or general comments, feel free to contact us.


Published by

The Vita Brevis Team

“Ars longa, vita brevis" (art is long, life is short). This maxim so moved us that it seemed only right to title our online poetry magazine after it. It may seem curious that we chose Vita Brevis (life is short) as our title instead of Ars Longa (art is long). But this choice was more than appropriate; after all, the aim of our journal is to publish work that shows a keen awareness of not only art’s beauty and immortality but life’s toils and finiteness. We want to revive and nourish the rich existential literature that forms when art and the human endeavor collide.

9 thoughts on “Week Five in Review: Statistics, Contests, Submissions, and More!”

  1. I’m so please at the continual growth of Vita Brevis Magazine, and I shall continue to promote your magazine, via my site, and in my poet’s corner group here in Geelong, when we resume early Feb’.

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