autumn efect

Submitted by Thom Kerr

The hour is early, predawn.
The clouds – vanished, the storm – over, the moon – full.

I pull my wrap tighter and shiver by the back window, listening to some nameless chanteuse croon and confess from the confines of the FM dial.

Warming my hands on a cup of tea, I watch the last two leafs in the tree.
They hover together in the gentle breeze.

They dance in the moonlight. Embracing, spinning, reaching – enjoying one another.

Caressing like lovers until one falls away; surrendering to the pressure of the wind and the weight of the clinging raindrops.

The fallen leaf touches down. I pore on archaic words and phrases, planning a poem.

Photo credit: Autumn Effect at Argenteuil – Claude Monet

6 thoughts

  1. Beautiful. Such full and wonderful pictures you paint. I was standing there, hands warmed by tea, watching those leaves.

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