Visiting With Chaos


Submitted by Ali Grimshaw

Spills splattered the walls.

Counters filled with clutter,

multiple piles creating a new geography in the room.

There is a relief to cleaning it all away.

Everything in order. Repair and replace.

The seduction of a new cycle, sparkling clean.

Free from marks of history.

What if we could sit with Chaos

for just a little minute?

Feel the wind in our ears.

Hearing her secrets of cleverness.

To soak in the learning of this undone space.

Before an opportunity is erased.

A past disinfected before she can author her story

from which the plot differs from

perpetual duplicating.

Photo credit: Snow Storm – Steam-Boat off a Harbour’s Mouth – William Turner

For the first time in nearly five years, Vita Brevis is closed for submission. Read the full story here.

11 thoughts

  1. I appreciate and support your mission. The world needs poetry now more than ever as an opportunity for reflective human connection. Thank you for including me on your site.

    1. We completely agree, Ali–writing has altered the course of history for the past 10,000 years it has existed, penning religious, political, and philosophical texts. But its literary and poetic forms have been unfairly downplayed in value. It’s more than entertainment, more than beauty–and we’re happy you and our other writers are letting us show how impactful it can really be, along with other publishers and magazines.

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